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This is Our Year

CMO, Adobe's online magazine, asked marketing experts “How will you bring more creativity and daring to your marketing in 2016?” LMG was inspired to share a few answers of our own.

Will 2016 be the year of creativity? We would hope every year encompasses its own collection of creativity, so what makes this time any different?

A dash of fearlessness, CMO says.

But what does this mean? That’s open to interpretation. CMO, Adobe’s online magazine focusing on current digital marketing and advertising news, strategies, and trends, asked experts and high-level marketers, “How will you bring more creativity and daring to your marketing in 2016?”

So we decided to ask ourselves the same question. Here’s what you can expect from LMG this year:

“Buck the trend that no one reads anymore. Grab the audience’s attention and keep it with relatable, relevant content. Make it worth their time, and always leave them wanting more.” – Erin, Copywriter

“It sounds obvious, but aim to be less cautious and constrained. Think big. Act boldly. Go against the grain. Ideas that seem odd, awkward or unworkable at first blush may turn out to hold the seeds of a brilliant breakthrough.” – Phil, Vice President, Client Services

“Creating campaigns for our clients that engage their personas and make the brand a ‘go- to’ expert in their space, and as a result, drive sales for the brand.” – Anna, Account Director

“By always stopping to think about the customer. What is their life like? What are their priorities? How do we connect with them?” –Danielle, Senior Account Executive

“Embrace the prospects’ prickly pain points. Know them, love them, exploit them. They are opportunities in disguise.” – Karen, Associate Director, Digital Marketing

“Design is a chance to tell creative, bold, unique and compelling stories to communicate to a wide range of diverse audiences. Keep it real and unexpected, but most importantly FUN.” – Bridget, Associate Designer

“Real, authentic storytelling that hits home with your audiences. Using real, simple language. No more monologs. Just dialogs.” – Doug, President

“With great risk comes great reward. Breakthrough the informational clutter consumers are bombarded with. Don’t play it safe, it will pay off tenfold. Learning never stops, so collaborate and share findings to create the best possible product for the client.” – Melissa, Design Director

“The mere thought that your company is bursting with creativity and innovation doesn’t make it true. The validation comes from how the client and public perceive you. I want to go above and beyond for our clients in always being one step ahead, and letting them know we have their back.” – Liz, Account Executive

“I will push myself beyond my boundaries to achieve a higher quality solution versus cranking out bland necessities just to meet a deadline.” – Laura, Designer

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